The Missed Lives Project with Alissa Watt

In this episode of In Search of the Missing we will be speaking with Alissa Watt from The Missed Lives Project out of Ontario, Canada. Their purpose is to help families find their loved ones and provide resources they would ordinarily not be able to obtain.

The Missed Lives Project provides a solution to the massive problem of unknown missing individuals, of whom there are over 300* missing for longer than one year, and over 200* unidentified remains, unclaimed for longer than one year, in Ontario alone.

Starting in Hamilton, Halton and Peel Regions, The Project will educate the public about their community’s missing persons, assisting families to participate in awareness-raising, and generating leads by publicizing evidence photographs, facial reconstructions, and pertinent case details.

Currently, marginalized, racialized, and criminalized demographics have much lower solve rates for homicides,** and likely a similar level for missing persons. In part this is due to unbalanced media coverage for missing individuals, which results in less community awareness (and therefore fewer tips, fewer search campaign volunteers, less funding for billboards and fliers).

The Project levels the playing field so anyone needing assistance publicizing, and searching for, their missing can connect with their community when they need to most.

Alissa is a researcher and writer. She has years of experience studying violence and oppression in Canada. She is passionate about advocacy and action in service of marginalized communities. She holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory from McMaster University and has her Private Investigator’s license.

In this program we also review two cases of long term missing individuals.